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Tubing Notchers & Copers
Pipe Notchers & Tube Notchers

M-Tech offers a wide variety of pipe and tube notchers, from powerful floor-standing models to powered bench-top models to small, manual models.  All of these notchers are superior-quality products.

Floor-Standing Notchers

  • One vise holds all pipe and tube sizes

  • Vise graduated in degrees for easy set-up

  • Notches 3/4" to 3" diameter.

  • Choose from 24 mandrel diameters to ensure correct gap-free fit

  • Three mandrels of your choice shipped with every machine

  • Tool-free belt and mandrel change-over

  • Quiet operation - below 80 decibels

  • Smooth operation with minimal vibration

Universal Pipe and Tube Notcher
Universal Pipe and Tube Notcher
  • Two axis precision cross-feed table with operator handle wheels
  • Heavy-duty frame and base construction
  • Mandrel centerline adjustment


 Belt  4" x 78-3/4"
 Motor  4.0 hp, 220V or 440V 3-phase
 Speed  3420 RPM
 Belt Speed  98.4 feet per second
 Grinding Capacity  3/4" to 3"
 Angle Range  0 to 60
 Weight  517 lbs.
 Dimensions  59" x 47" x 19-1/2"
Demonstration Video Click here to see video!


Economy Pipe and Tube Notcher
Economy Pipe and Tube Notcher
  • Slide bar in-feed control with adjustable cross-feed table
  • Top-mounted grinding surface
  • Premium abrasive grinding belts dramatically improve work quality on a wide range of materials


 Belt  4" x 78-3/4"
 Motor  4.0 hp, 220V or 440V 3-phase
 Speed  3420 RPM
 Belt Speed  98.4 feet per second
 Grinding Capacity  3/4" to 3"
 Angle Range  0 to 60
 Weight  430 lbs.
 Dimensions  59" x 47" x 19-1/2"

Bench-Top Notchers

Model 2601 Notcher

Model 2601 Bench-top Tube and Pipe Notcher

  1. 1-1/2 HP Motor
  2. Powerful Gear Reduction Box
  3. Eye Protector 
  4. Quick-Change End Mill
  5. Swive Vise with V-Jaws -- Automatically Centers Tube Calibrated for Any Angle

Weighing nearly 500 lbs., this notcher's low-profile construction eliminates vibration and creates precise notches in any 3/4" through 2-3/8" O.D. tube or pipe.  An incredible notcher!

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Power Notcher

Power Notcher - Bench-top Tube and Pipe Notcher

  • Designed for production applications when many notches have to be made
  • Fast set-up time
  • For 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" pipe
  • Available in 220V or 440V 3-phase
  • Model available with a vent notching die for quickly creating uniform notches in round or square material

Notch Master Hole Saw Notcher



  • Excellent "Bang for the Buck"
  • Capacity of 3/4" to 3" OD.
  • Angles up to 50
  • All CNC machined
  • Heavy duty 1 1/4" thick steel frame.
  • 2-axis adjustable tubing clamp.
  • Can offset notch up to 1 1/2" vertically.
  • 1" Ground & Polished Stainless Steel shaft
  • Double sealed needle bearings.
  • Easy mounting: Bolt or clamp it to a table or simply clamp it in a vise.
  • Uses inexpensive bi-metal hole saws.
  • Requires an ordinary 1/2" hand drill


Versatile Hole Saw Notcher

Versatile Hole Saw Notcher
Only $215 complete, less hole saw blade.
Industrial unit available for $299.

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  • Large capacity and low operating cost

    • Notches 3/4" through 2" O.D. tubing at angles up to 50 degrees in under 15 seconds.

    • Uses commonly available bi-metal hole saws costing approximately $8 each. (A single bi-metal hole saw will typically notch 5 to 10 complete racecars!)

  • Easy to use

    • Use with a 1/2" hand drill so it can be used horizontally for greater flexibility -- just clamp it in a vise and go

    • Mounts vertically it in a drill press too

  • Superb construction

    • Heavy duty frame with machined-in degree increments

    • Ground and polished stainless steel shaft & rigid bearing block

    • Twin needle bearings and separate grease seals for maximum rigidity and reliability.

    • Strong, accurate tube cradle machined from a solid steel block

    •  Clamp mechanism rides in its own guide and has also been machined from a solid block of steel, eliminating the problems of tube walk in notchers that use a U-strap

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    • 14 day trial period guarantee

    • One year parts and workmanship guarantee


Jancy Manual Notchers / Copers

Jancy Manual Pipe and Tubing Notcher
  • Efficient and productive pipe notching at low cost
  • Portable
  • Easily mounted to any stationary surface
  • Several models available for notching 3/4" to 2" pipe up to schedule 40 wall thickness
  • Vent notching model available
  • Eccentric shaft and lever system make notches quickly and perfectly every time

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