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M-Tech carries tube benders, pipe benders and tubing benders for virtually all applications -- from small, easily portable manual hydraulic benders to powerful, automated programmable power benders.  Our most popular tube benders / tubing benders / pipe benders models are below.

If you're looking for large, Mandrel tube benders or pipe benders, click here.

Manual Hydraulic Benders

These hydraulic benders not only only offer precision, but are also very simple to use, especially when compared to their competitors.




JD2 Model 3 Bender shown with optional degree ring
Shown with optional degree ring

MODEL 3 Manual or Hydraulic

If you are looking for excellent manual/hydraulic tube benders or pipe benders that will give you superior bend quality, this JD Squared Model 3  tube bender / pipe bender is the unit of choice.  These benders offer bends with no wrinkling or flattening and are also incredibly easy to set up and operate. 

Simply insert the pipe or tube into the die set.  This will normally bend from 40 to 60 degrees in a full extension.  Once extended, pull the pin from the bending arm and retract it to the start position of the tube bender, re-insert the pin and start ratcheting the handle again until the desired degree is reached. 

This tubing bender / pipe bender comes with a CNC etched degree ring to monitor the bending progress. These benders can bend up to 180 degrees, plus another 10 to 20 degrees for the spring back in the material.  If you have a lot of tube bending or pipe bending to accomplish, or are working with thick wall or high tensile strength material, you can retrofit this tube bender / pipe bender with our optional hydraulic package and eliminate the manual bending process.

This tube bender / pipe bender will bend up to 2 O.D., .120 wall tubing or 1.5 schedule 40 pipe, along with 1.5 square tubing.  Feel free to watch our video, below, to see how easy the manual tube bender is to operate, and the excellent bend quality you can expect.

JD2 Model 3 Manual / Hydraulic Tubing Bender / Pipe Bender

  • Bend material from 1/2" to 2" O.D.

  • Bends round and square tubing

  • Mechanical; Hydraulic option available

  • Incredible bend quality with accuracy to 180 degrees

  • Quick and easy operation

  • Affordable!

    Demonstration Video Click here to see video!

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JD2 Model 32 Bender
Shown above is 10ton hydraulic version.

JD2 Model 32 Degree Wheel Closeup

JD2 Model 32 Bender

  • Heavy-duty version of Model 3 (above) with over 20% more mechanical leverage.

  • Built-in anti-springback mechanism

  • Bend round material from 1/2" to 2-1/2" O.D.

  • Massive pins and frame links allow bending 2" OD x .250" wall DOM and up to 1-1/2" solid steel.
    Note: To bend round tubing over 2" O.D. x .120" wall, square tubing over 1-1/2" or solids over 1" requires hydraulics.

  • Highly accurate degree indicator wheel, standard.

  • True center pivot hydraulic system increases power and dramatically increases cylinder life.

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Baileigh RDB-050 Bender Close-up

Top Numbers Closeup

Baileigh Model RDB-050 Manual Bender

This manual tubing bender has been so well thought out that when you change over the tooling the machine stays intact. All pivot points utilize aluminum bronze bushings and thrust washers, so there is no metal on metal. The hook arm has quick release inserts to assist when changing over the machine to a different size of tubing. A complete changeover should take no more than one minute.

  • 3 speeds (1, 2 and 3 teeth per pull)

  • Minimum OD 1/4"

  • Bend Mild Steel round tube to 2-1/2" O.D.   (.120 wall)

  • Bend Chromalloy round tube to 2" O.D.   (.120 wall)

  • Maximum speed to 180 degrees: 1 minute

  • Center Line Radius (CLR): 7" maximum, 3" minimum

  • Weight: 270 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 42" long x 22" wide x 42" high

Demonstration Video Click here to see video!

JD2 Model 4 Bender Close-up
JD2 Model 4 Bender

JD2 Model 4 Bender

  • Bend material from 1/2" to 2-1/2" O.D.

  • Shapes I-Beams, channels, solids, etc.

  • Capable of 200 degree bends

  • Self-locking ratchet prevents material spring-back

  • Uses JD2 or Hossfield dies

  • Powerful 1-1/2 H.P. pump available

  • Easy to read CNC machined degree wheel

  • Easy setup and operation

  • High bending torque -- over 60,000 in./lbs.

    Demonstration Video Click here to see video!

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RMD Model 150 Hydraulic Rotary Draw Bender

Baileigh Industrial / RMD Model 150
Hydraulic Rotary Draw Pipe & Tube Bender

  • High quality industrial grade hydraulics

  • Optional auto-stop assembly for repeatable bending

  • Continuous bending up to 206 degrees without stopping or ratcheting

  • Variable speed

  • Quick-release counter-die allows bends to pull out in seconds

  • Bend can be advanced after machine stops

    • Saves material

    • Shortens set-up time

  • Highly visible degree dial for accuracy

  • Dies are color-coded and interchangeable with all RMD products

    Demonstration Video Click here to see video!

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