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Grinding Wheels, Cutoff Wheels
Sanding Belts & Sanding Disc

M-Tech carries a wide variety of grinding accessories.  Below is just a sampling of our most popular items.  Contact us for additional information or to inquire about the availability of items not shown here.

Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

  • Grinding, weld dressing or deburring
  • Exceptional quality
  • Many types offered
  • Sizes from 4" to 9" are available
  • Flexible discs available
MaxiDisc Flap Discs

MaxiDisc Flap Discs

  • Excellent for grinding, sanding and polishing
  • Conforms to curved or rough surfaces with virtual freedom from swirl marks
  • Light and heavy types available
  • 40 to 600 grit
  • 4", 4.5", 5", and 7" available
Reinforced Cut Off Wheels Reinforced Cut Off Wheels
  • Economical and long lasting

  • Resin bonded and reinforced for safety

  • Sizes from 2" to 22" are available

Bench Grinding Wheels

Bench Grinding Wheels

  • State of the art wheels work for bench or floor-standing machines
  • Cuts faster and stays sharp longer
  • Precision dressed and balanced
  • Not affected by water, oils, acids or ordinary temperature variations
Resin Cloth Belts

Resin Cloth Belts

  • Perfect for general sanding and polishing
  • Widths from 1" to 6" are available
  • Standard lengths up to 80"
  • Custom sizes can be special-ordered
  • Many grit types available
Sanding Discs Sanding Discs

Sanding Discs

  • 5" and 6" sizes are available
  • Light and heavy duty
  • 40 to 400 grit
Resin Fiber Discs

Resin Fiber Discs

  • For grinding, finishing and blending welds
  • Sizes from 4" to 9" are available
  • 16 to 400 grit

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